Kids in the Kitchen

Check out this weeks post for Town Square Buzz as I prepare to start my summer kids classes! Click on the highlighted areas to see the videos of FUN things to do with your kids in the kitchen!
sweet snack in a sweet snack cone
In the blink of an eye, a pleasant memory transports you back in time. All it takes is a distinct sound or familiar smell and immediately you are standing in your grandmother’s kitchen watching her fry chicken. Memories are powerful and they often evoke strong emotional reactions. Families are bound together by these recollections and maybe it’s just me but most of my childhood memories involve food.

My daughter is home for the summer after completing her first year of college. Over breakfast one morning she shared what she had missed most while she was away was waking up to the smell of something delicious cooking. She said, she would lie in bed and try and guess what was in the oven or cooktop before tumbling downstairs to join us in the kitchen. I have to admit this confession secretly thrilled me. I am a huge proponent of gathering for family meals; the benefits are clearly studied and heavily documented. Selfishly, I believe it is these times spent breaking bread together, making memories that draw our children home once they have left the nest.

Engage your children in the kitchen this summer and create some memories of your own. Kids love a lighthearted approach to cooking particularly when the payoff is something tasty to eat. Check out my food videos on Town Square Buzz, for awesome ideas that your children are going to love. Cool Dreamy Banana Ice Cream is a sweet and simple treat the whole family will crave. Parents always want to know how to get their kids to eat more vegetables and my first response is make it fun! My Silly Face Sandwiches do just that, you will be amazed at what your kids will try using this approach. During the summer month’s families are always on the go and it’s nice to have a take along treats especially when there are sprinkles involved. Take a few minutes to make precious Sweet Snacks in a Cone with your kids, they will have a ball and be delighted by the results.

As we count down the final days to the school year, make a plan to get your kids cooking, you’ll be glad you did and be sure to explore the all new KIDS Corner on my Blog Around the Table, I will be posting kid friendly recipes all summer.

Lorie teaches summer cooking experiences for children and young adults. Click here to see a complete listing of classes and camps or email for a complete listing

Dreamy Banana Ice Cream
2 cups very ripe frozen banana chunks
1/3 cup fat free half and half or milk
2 tablespoons heavy cream
1 teaspoon vanilla
½ teaspoon almond extract
Place all ingredients in a blender and blend until mixture is very creamy. You may need to add slightly more liquid to get the mixture moving but you want it to remain very stiff. Scoop mixture into 4 individual cups and hold in the freezer until ready for serving.

Silly Face Sandwiches
8 slices of bread
Sandwich fillings
Assorted vegetables cherry tomatoes, carrots, cucumbers, celery, lettuce, radishes

Cut bread into sandwich rounds by using a cookie cutter or drinking glass. Add desired fillings such as turkey and cheese to the bread to form a sandwich. Using a variety of vegetables create silly faces on sandwiches.

Sweet Snacks in a Cone
1 cup mini Teddy Grahams
1 cup Mini Oreo cookies
¼ cup M&M candies
6 regular size ice cream cones
6 Chips Ahoy chocolate chip cookies
1 cup white chocolate chips melted

In a small bowl combine Teddy Grahams, mini Oreos and M&M’s. Pour mixture into ice cream cones being sure cookies are flat with the top of the cone. Dip the chocolate chip cookies in the white chocolate and place one on the top of each cone. Use a knife and the white chocolate to seal the tops of the snack cones closed. Decorate the tops with sprinkles and let harden before enjoying. Serves 6

About Lorie Fangio

I am a lifestyle advisor with a passion for connecting families Around the Table for mealtime. We are becoming a society that doesn’t even speak to each other, texting and internet relationships are the norm and it is impacting our culture. I believe the human connection as we know it, is in danger. Finding time to spend together as a family unit can be difficult especially with dual family careers and children that are often hyper scheduled. My mission is to inspire families, with a no nonsense approach to real food. Gathering Around the Table is key to the foundation of familial relationships. Sitting down to a meal is much more than breaking bread, it is a bonding ritual for families that actually protects our kids from all the dangerous stuff in the world. With tips and techniques we can all get our families Around the Table!
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