Class Schedule and Corn Salsa

corn salsa

The Cooking Class Schedule is finally here!  Whether you are looking to improve your kitchen skills and recipe offerings or just have a good time while tasting amazing offerings, there is something for everyone and fun is always on the menu!

There is something new on the schedule this fall, I call them PRACTICALS. These are classes that dig in to a specific topic and the best part…you take home what you make!  Join me one Friday a month for Lunch and Learn, a variety of topics and outstanding recipes sure to become family favorites.  The evening class schedule is jam packed with a fresh sensational food and cocktails.  It’s not too early to book classes for the holiday season, they will fill fast and are always a fabulous time!

Register NOW by email or call/text 214 551 9630

Scroll to the bottom for one of my most requested recipes, stunning Roasted Corn Salsa.  I love it when an assortment of vegetables work so well together that you absolutely crave them!

Enjoy!  Lorie

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3 Day French Workshop  September 13th-15th 10:00-1:30  1 SPACE OPEN Looking to expand you cooking knowledge or just your recipe repertoire?  If so join me for 3 days of cooking fun that will do just that.  In French Food Workshop I you will travel the county of France as we prepare time honored classics.  Cooking techniques that can be applied to most any recipe will be taught as we prepare 3 meals each day.  We will cook and enjoy breakfast and lunch together and a single portion of the dinner offering will be packed home to enjoy in the evening hours.Two of the five French mother sauces, Hollandaise and Veloute are included in this workshop, three timeless and irresistible desserts as well as French Bread and fresh churned European style butter.   We will make our own Herbs de Provence to be used in our recipes.  Class is limited to 10 participants.  Class Fee $232.00  Day 1  Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and ours will be puffy golden brown Pain Perdue served with freshly made sweet Strawberry Jam.  Tomato Basil Soufflés will rise to amazing heights for lunch along with a Fall Salad made from the perfect combination of pears blue cheese and walnuts.  For dinner we will prepare rich and satisfying Daube de Boeuf Provencal a lovely hearty beef stew.  For dessert we will concoct dreamy Coconut Crème Brulee.  Day 2  We will start our day with the tasty simplicity of Cherry Clafouti.  For lunch we will learn to make the perfect Buckwheat Crepes and luscious Hollandaise Sauce; they come together to create Asparagus and Ham Crepes. We will head to the Basque region of France to concoct a dinner that is sure to become a favorite recipe.  Bell pepper, onions and tomatoes are slow cooked with chicken to become Poulet Basquaise.  For dessert Strawberry Jam will be used to fill sweet and crumbly Gateau Basque.  Day 3  Breakfast will be extraordinary Soufflé Omelet with herbs and Gruyere cheese.  We will enjoy fresh baked French Bread and Churned Butter with lunch of my all-time favorite Coquilles Saint Jacques.  For Coquilles we will learn the second of our sauces, Veloute.  Dinner will be slow cooked, satisfying Cassoulet with Kielbasa Sausage and Bacon.  As a celebration of our last day together we will prepare and enjoy the gorgeous Apple Almandine Tart. 

Friday, September 9th 11:00-1:00  Lunch and Learn Dinner in a Minute!  Join me every month or just THIS month for Lunch and Learn, an extended lunch hour that gives you a full cooking class experience, a delicious lunch and an arsenal of new recipes to help you get dinner on the table at your house!  We will employ the strategy used in my house for years with great success, Cook Once Eat Twice!  The good eating begins with traditional Money Mustard Pork Loin served with Smashed Sweet Potatoes for a fast dinner fix.  Planned overs become Crispy sensational Cubano Paninis.   We will use succulent white fish and late summer vegetable to create a simple Papillote and planned overs become Fish Tacos with avocado and Spicy Aioli.  Chicken Cacciatore Bake is outstanding and provides the tasty toppings for Focaccia Bread Pizza.  We will do a main course salad featuring chewy satisfying Faro.  For a sweet finish, dense southern style Pound Cake topped with juicy Stone Fruit Compote and whipped cream topping. Class Fee $53.00

Thursday, September 22nd 6:30-8:30  Italian Cooking!  Join me for an evening of Italian cooking.  We will immerse ourselves in the flavors of Italy as we enjoy a relaxed cooking experience starting with a garden fresh cocktail; Basitos are made with fresh lime and basil creating the perfect complement to our recipes.  Beautiful Chopped Salad featuring baby kale, fresh chevre, seeds and figs will be our delicious starting point.  Next up, we will prepare the perfect dreamy Tomato, Basil Risotto with Artichokes, a fantastic meal for simple entertaining.  Parmesan Garlic Bread leaves fill the house with an amazing aroma and will not disappoint.   Chicken Piccata with lemon, butter and capers, is a wonderful go to family favorite.  Spicy Italian Meatballs are a must for any Italian feast.  For a decadent pasta indulgence, I will unlock the mystery of Creamy Fettuccini Alfredo.  Our show stopping dessert is the beautiful Pana Cotta Strawberry Coulis.  Class FEE $58.00

Friday, October 7th 11:00-1:00  Lunch and learn Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!  Join me every month or just THIS month for Lunch and Learn, an extended lunch hour that gives you a full cooking class experience, a delicious lunch and an arsenal of new recipes to help you get dinner on the table at your house!  In an answer to the most requested weeknight meals…an entire class featuring chicken!  You will learn the simple technique for brined chicken that will change the way you do bird for life; ours will be succulent and topped with fresh Basil gremolata.  Next up, a classic, Chicken Tetrazzini sure to become a family favorite.  Comforting Chicken and Wild Rice soup packs a flavorful punch.  Mouthwatering and simple Balsamic Mushroom Chicken is a one pot wonder!  We will bring some exotic flavors to the crock pot in our Chicken Curry.  Mexican Layered Cornbread stuffed with chicken and other good stuff and topped with a salad of tomatoes and avocados, is a real crowd pleaser.  For a decadent finish luscious Red Velvet Cake topped with Cream Cheese Frosting, oh my!  Class FEE $53.00

Thursday, October 20th from 6:30-8:30  Fancy a Cocktail?  Are you ready for a fun night filled with inspired dishes and flavors?  This is the class for you!  In this class we will craft and taste 4 vodka cocktails.  Each cocktail will be paired with the perfect elegant morsel or two.  The fun starts with a savory favorite, Peppered and Herbed Popped Corn and juicy Texas style Chicken Cordon Bleu bites both make a lovely pair with Peach Jalapeno Martini.  Succulent Lobster Rolls and Gorgeous Roasted Red Pepper and Goat cheese Tart work well with light Lemon Fizz Cocktail.  Crunchy Apple Walnut Lettuce Wraps and Jalapeno Popovers with Honey Butter are the perfect combination with the classic Cosmos.  For a sweet finish we will have some fun crafting cake balls and tasting Pumpkin Martinis.  1-2 ounce servings of each cocktail will be served.  Class Fee $58.00

Viennoiserie  Thursday, October 27th 6:30-9:00  SOLD OUT email to WAITLIST Viennoiserie, the exquisite dough used in classic French Pastries including Croissant, Pain Chocolate and Almond Croissant will be learned.   After studding Viennoiserie at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, Lorie will lead you in hands on instruction where you will learn to make this classic French dough.  We will toast the French with bubbly before we get started.  Viennoiserie is an art form but with Lorie’s straight forward techniques and ample hands on exposure, you will become an expert!  Buttery flaky croissants, Pain Chocolate stuffed with bricks of chocolate and luscious Almond Croissant filled with Almond Custard will be taught, tasted and packed up for take home! Class size is limited to 10 Class fee $58.00

Friday, November 4th 11:00-1:00  Lunch and Learn Thanksgiving Inspiration  Join me every month or just THIS month for Lunch and Learn, an extended lunch hour that gives you a full cooking class experience, a delicious lunch and an arsenal of new recipes to help you get dinner on the table at your house!  Tired of preparing the same old turkey dinner year after year or just need some tips and tricks to make sure everything turns out tasty?  Join me for the festive fun class where turkey takes center stage.  We will start the fun with the perfect brined and Roasted Turkey Breast, tender, juicy and packed with flavor.  Turkey calls for gravy and our Bacon Shallot Gravy will be irresistible.  Stuffed Sweet Potatoes will be decadent with Candied Pecans, Cinnamon Butter and marshmallow cream, wow!  A different take on cranberry sauce that’s sure to be a FAM fav, zesty Cran Salsa.  Crispy shredded Brussel Sprout Slaw with dreamy Walnut Vinaigrette makes a nice new take on a Thanksgiving salad.  Roasted Pears with blue cheese and honey will be memorable to say the least.  We will craft Apple Dumplings with Bourbon Butter sauce for a sweet delight you will not soon forget!  Class Fee $53.00

Thursday, November 10th 6:30-8:30  Elegant Holiday Entertaining  Need some holiday entertaining inspiration or just want to have a fun night out?  Join me for one of my favorite classes of the year and glean new entertaining ideas curated from my year of entertaining.  We will kick things off by setting up a bubble bar, so simple… so chic, you will be delighted by the details. Our first irresistible tidbit will be a sweet and savory mix, Salted Caramel Popped Corn with crispy bacon and peanuts. A true party favorite that disappear in a flash, my indulgent individual Tomato Basil Tartlets with Gruyere cheese.    Next up, a bite packed with a punch of flavor Marinated Beef with Blue Cheese Crostini.  I will show you how to craft a gorgeous Anti pasta Tray in 5 minutes or less with store bought items perfect for entertaining on the fly.  Crab Stuffed Mushrooms are decadent morsels of goodness.  Precious and puffy Cheddar Chive Gourges are addicting.  We will wrap up this party with Chocolate Pot O Crema with cream and chocolate curls.  Class Fee $58.00

Thursday December 1st 6:30-9:00 OR  Friday December 2nd from 11:00-1:30  12th Annual Gifts From the Kitchen  Back by popular demand this fun and festive class will take you through an array of goodies perfect for gift giving from your own kitchen to neighbor’s, coworkers or as hostess gifts.  Each recipe will be made and tasted all while sipping a delicious cocktail.  Creative packaging techniques will be discussed and demonstrated.   Join in the cooking fun or just sit back and soak up the spirit of the season.  We will get the party started by crafting a cocktail of homemade Spiced Rum, the perfect holiday gift!  Flavored oils are such fun to cook with and make a delightful gift from the kitchen; we will prepare and taste 3 flavors, Citrus, Basil and Garlic.  Our signature truffle will be Infused Grapefruit Truffle and I will show you how to craft darling chocolate medallions to garnish each one.  We will prepare Cream Cheese Blue Berry Bread dense and delicious and perfect for gift giving.  Spicy Smoked Almonds make a fabulous gift if you can manage not to gobble them up yourself!  Walnut Thyme Honey will be a beautiful tasty gift for any lucky friend!  We will cap things off with the perfect holiday bite, White Chocolate Cherry Pistachio Cookies!  Class Fee $58.00

Wednesday, December 7th 6:30-8:30  PRACTICAL It’s a Cookie Exchange!   Practical’s are a new style of class I am offering that give you a true hands on cooking experience and the best part you take home the results!  We will bake our hearts out in a festive evening of fun and the results will be a gorgeous plate of cookies for each guest to take home to share with family and friends.  Each recipe is tried, true and fabulous enough to stand on its own!  The fun will start with a classic Shortbread Cookie studded with cranberries and almonds.  Triple Chocolate Cookies is perfect for the chocolate lover in your life and the BEST Peanut Butter Cookie ever!  We will make Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies, followed by out of this world Fruitcake Cookies stuffed with good things.  Pecan Sandie’s will be hard to resist but the real fun begins when each guest decorates their own work of art using my Sturdy Sugar Cookie recipe and Royal Frosting.  A fantastic time will be had by all!  Class Fee $58.00

Friday, December 9th 11:00-1:00  Lunch and Learn Holiday Brunch  Join me every month or just THIS month for Lunch and Learn, an extended lunch hour that gives you a full cooking class experience, a delicious lunch and an arsenal of new recipes. Serving brunch to friends and family is a wonderful way to entertain over the holiday season.  We will prepare and enjoy a virtual feast in this hands on class.  We will start the fun by setting up a Hot Chocolate Bar, this is a party in itself!  Cream Cheese Cherry Braided Danish will be a showstopper and impossible to resist.  Bourbon Glazed Pork Loin will be tender and juicy and the centerpiece of the feast.  Parmesan Crusted Potatoes are outstanding nuggets of delight.  We will prepare a lovely Frittata stuffed with grilled peppers and onions along with pepper jack cheese.  Red Fruit Trifle made with Chocolate Cake and Ganache is a wonderful make ahead dessert that really deivers.  Class Fee $53.00 

Friday, January 13th 11:00-1:00  Skip Eating Light Live Mediterranean  In this world of fast fix diets lets be sensible, skip eating light and live the Mediterranean lifestyle.  I will show you how with recipes that are nutrient dense made with lean proteins, whole grains and are vegetable rich. We will start the delicious morsels with Open Faced Egg and Avocado Sami and decedent Coconut Date Bars.  Herb and Walnut Crusted Chicken is perfect on a bed of faro and arugula with a Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing.  Crave able Maple Dijon Salmon served alongside beautiful crispy Confetti Slaw makes the perfect weeknight meal.  Chewy Quinoa Tabbouleh is the perfect side or lunch dish packed with protein and fiber.  For a snack let’s crunch on homemade pita chips served alongside Creamy Pumpkin Hummus.  Cauliflower Steaks are so meaty they can replace expensive proteins on  meatless Mondays  For a delightful  sweet treat we will prepare Pear Mascarpone and Honey Tart!  Class Fee $53.00

Thursday, February 9th 6:30-8:30  Best of Chocolate Desserts  With Valentine’s day right around the corner, my mind always drifts to Chocolate. Chocolate is my passion food and it will show in this action packed chocolate rich class.  I will serve Limoncello Martinis, the perfect complement to all this chocolate! The fun will start with a show stopping Chocolate Flower Cakes.  The cake will be baked like a ball, stuffed with goodness, large chocolate leaves will be crafted and attached and the finished product will resemble a chocolate rose.  Next up, Truffles a la Maison de Chocolate in France, rich and decadent no need to elaborate!  Chocolate Lava cake is always a crowd pleaser and mine will not disappoint!  Chocolate Pate is a simple and sinful dessert especially when served with butter cookies.  Raspberry Filling will be made from berries to stuff our dark chocolate bon bons, eating one is truly and experience.  We will prepare Chocolate Turtle Brownies to round out the chocolate feast.  Class Fee $58.00

Friday, February 17th 11:00-1:00 Lunch and Learn Simple Freezer Meals  Join me every month or just THIS month for Lunch and Learn, an extended lunch hour that gives you a full cooking class experience, a delicious lunch and an arsenal of new recipes to help you get dinner on the table at your house!   I will show you how to bring home the groceries and put meals in the freezer.  Busy day, no problem, pull out a meal, pop it in the slow cooker or oven and you have a fresh dinner on the table anytime you need it.  The tasty fun starts with Zesty Buffalo Chicken and Potato casserole sure to be a FAM fav.  Caprese Bake is rich and delicious and will be a meal that keeps them coming back for more.  We will prepare my Salmon Bake my main go to meal, not a salmon fan,  whitefish or chicken can be substituted. Tangy Meatballs and Mashed Potatoes will really satisfy your hungry family.  Mexican Chicken pot pie will be a creative take on a classic along with flavorful Lemon Chicken and green beans.  For a much deserved sweet finish we will prepare Coconut Cream Pie oh my!  Class fee $53.00 

Wednesday, February 22nd 6:30-8:30  PRACTICAL Artisan Bread  Practical’s are a new style of class I am offering that give you a true hands on cooking experience and the best part you take home the results!  Craft your own artisan bread to share with friends and family.  More details coming soon.Class Fee $58.00

Wednesday, March 15th 6:30-8:30  PRACTICAL Magnificent Macaroons  Practical’s are a new style of class I am offering that give you a true hands on cooking experience and the best part you take home the results!  Macarons, the quintessential French treat, light, delicate and irresistible! After studding macaron making in Paris, Lorie will lead a hands on class using tried and true French techniques. We will first toast the macaroon with a flute of bubbly before diving in to make this love at first bite treat.  Each step of the process will be clearly defined so students can replicate the process in their own kitchens with success!  We will prepare the classic French flavors; Vanilla Bean with Swiss buttercream filling, Raspberry filled with Raspberry Buttercream, and my personal favorite, Pistachio with a Pistachio Buttercream filling.  Recipes for other macaron flavors will be shared. Delight in creative packaging ideas and take home treats to share. Class size is limited to 10, book early!  Class fee class fee $58.00

Friday, March 17th 11:00-1:00  Lunch and Learn TEX MEX cooking  Join me every month or just THIS month for Lunch and Learn, an extended lunch hour that gives you a full cooking class experience, a delicious lunch and an arsenal of new recipes to help you get dinner on the table at your house!   We will have some fun with farm fresh ingredient to concoct crave able dishes your family will love.  Just because its spring we will start the fun with Strawberry Margarita Shots!  Creamy Poblano Soup is jam packed with flavor served with a dollop of sour cream.  Black Bean Dip is a snap to make along with Garden Fresh Salas, both fantastic nutritious snacks.  We will prepare Chicken Cheese and Mushroom Enchiladas with fresh homemade Salsa Verde for a true authentic home cooked flavor.  Pork Tacos with Mexican Slaw and Avocado Dressing will be an instant hit.  We will prepare a simple Corn Salad, brimming with fresh goodness and one of my most requested recipes.  For a sweet treat to round out the feast, what could be better than Yeast Bread Cinnamon Rolls with Salted Caramel Sauce.  Class FEE $53.00

Thursday, March 23rd 6:30-8:30  Girls Night Out It’s Time for a Break!  Grab a girlfriend and join the fun in this entertaining and educational night out.  The fun will begin with a cocktail of course, Cucumber Martini, so elegant and refreshing.  The amazing food will begin with Blue Cheese Biscuits stuffed with fresh Tomato Relish, divine!  I will show you how to craft an elegant Vegetable Platter served with luscious Avocado Dip.  We will make outstanding Asian Meat Balls Pops with Sirach Honey Sauce, to platter alongside, darling Cheese Ball Pops that explode with flavor.  Jalapeno Cheddar Pull Apart Bread will be irresistible.  A really great Spinach Artichoke dip is a must for any appetizer buffet and ours will not disappoint.  For a sweet goodie, individual Vanilla Almond Berry Parfaits will be a delightful finish to our appetizer madness.  Class Fee $58.00\

Register for cooking classes TODAY by sending an email to or call/text 214 551 9630

Roasted Corn Salsa

2 large ears of corn

1 large avocado, cubed

2 tablespoons red onion, finely chopped

1 large tomato, chopped

1 red pepper chopped

1 green bell pepper chopped

1 pablano pepper, chopped

1 small raw jalapeno seeded and finely chopped

1 lime

¼ cup balsamic vinegar

Salt to taste

Roast corn in oven or stove top.  Cut corn off the cob. Zest and juice the lime into a medium bowl.  Add all vegetables and toss with vinegar.  Salt to taste.  Serve as a dip or over your favorite grilled fish.


About Lorie Fangio

I am a lifestyle advisor with a passion for connecting families Around the Table for mealtime. We are becoming a society that doesn’t even speak to each other, texting and internet relationships are the norm and it is impacting our culture. I believe the human connection as we know it, is in danger. Finding time to spend together as a family unit can be difficult especially with dual family careers and children that are often hyper scheduled. My mission is to inspire families, with a no nonsense approach to real food. Gathering Around the Table is key to the foundation of familial relationships. Sitting down to a meal is much more than breaking bread, it is a bonding ritual for families that actually protects our kids from all the dangerous stuff in the world. With tips and techniques we can all get our families Around the Table!
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  1. Karen Ball says:

    Would like to sign up two people for Oct. 20 class.

    Karen Ball Carol Vaughan

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  2. Kathy Nicholson says:

    I’m in for Gifts from the Kitchen. Please sing up Kathy Nicholson and Donita Vaccaro. Thanks Lorie

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  3. Lorie Fangio says:

    Hi leslie

    I do have openings for both classes. Let me know if you would like to register.

    I am not familiar with Norwex at all. Of course I would like to try it!

    Hope to hear back from you soon!


    From: Leslie Moore [] Sent: Thursday, September 15, 2016 5:39 PM To: Around the Table with Lorie Fangio; Lorie Fangio Subject: Re: [New post] Class Schedule and Corn Salsa

    Hi Lorie!! I hope you are well!!

    Do you have any availability for Nov 4 or Dec. 1?

    Have you ever tried Norwex? And I would LOVE to drop off a couple cloths that I have called a “try me kit” and and get your opinion, if you haven’t.



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