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Around the Table is designed to help busy families make regular mealtime a reality. Life gets busy and sitting down for dinner, once the backbone of our society, is often sacrificed due to the demands of everyday life. Armed with original tried and true recipes and back to basics strategies, we will inspire parents to turn dinner hour into the best time of the day!
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Lorie Fangio

Lorie’s Bio
Lorie Fangio is a Culinary Professional, seen regularly on local morning TV shows demonstrating family friendly recipes designed to help people find their way back to the dinner table. She has a cooking school in McKinney TX call Slice of Heaven where she teaches students of all ages. Lorie has served as a spokesperson for Zoës Kitchen, Ziploc Brand and Walgreens; developing original recipes, creating video series and writing about food and families. She worked with a successful production company to produce a television show pilot focused on food and families. Lorie is an e How Food Expert and has over 100 food videos on the web. Lorie created a Blog called Around the Table, offering original recipes and advice for busy families. She works as a private chef for corporate events, parties and enjoys public appearances at local wine events, festivals and speaking engagements.

Or Phone me directly 214 551 9630

One Response to Contact Lorie

  1. Karen McClellen says:

    Hi Lorie,
    I saw this idea on Pinterest and thought it was a neat idea. Friday’s class was so much fun… looking forward to making all the recipes, especially the vanilla extract!
    Merry Christmas,
    Karen McClellen

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